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AUDITS AND SURVEYS - We evaluate existing fire protection systems in order to determine deficiencies, minimize fire safety losses and assure property protection.

BID AND CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS - we provide a vast array of documents depending upon client requirements. They include: drawings and specifications for approvals or permitting, working red lines for bidding and as built drawings.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)
3-D Coordination with all trades.

BUILDING EVALUATION AND DUE DILIGENCE - Our survey and evaluation experience on virtually any type occupancy and with any age building, including historic, enables us to assist before acquisition, pre lease or at time of sale

CODE CONSULTING - Application of codes on a daily basis enables us to assist in solving the most complex code issues.



DESIGN SERVICES - We offer a complete range of fire protection design services for new and retrofit facility applications.

We have worked on single family and multifamily residential, hospitals, casinos, office complexes, international airports and corporate headquarters as well as government facilities. There isn't much we haven't done. We will design all types of fire suppression systems including automatic sprinkler systems, gaseous extinguishing system, foam systems, fire protection water supply, etc.

At K&E our team of engineers and designers are experienced in all aspects of Fire Protection engineering. Using the latest AutoCAD and computer technology. We provide a diverse clientele with fast, accurate, professional drawings, hydraulic calculations, and stock lists. We specialize in sprinkler design that meets all the requirements of the authorities of jurisdiction and can be fabricated and installed quickly and cost effectively.

Design Services include:

  • Evaluation of existing fire sprinkler systems
  • Conversion of existing systems
  • Preparation of: Preliminary designs, Bid drawings and specifications, working drawings, Approval drawings, Construction drawings and specifications, As-built drawings, Hydraulic calculations, Material list, Stock list.
  • Site inspections and reports

Isometric View - Sprinkler Plan

Plan View - Sprinkler Plan



EGRESS ANALYSIS - We valve studies to determine best means of egress to assure occupant safety.

FIRE PROTECTION MASTER PLANNING - Preparation of fire safety program while addressing specific project requirements, code applicability and compliance.


FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM DESIGN AND ANALYSIS - Sprinkler system design services consider the use and occupancy of any type of facility. We have extensive expertise in a broad range of fire protection applications.


FLUID DELIVERY CALCULATIONS - We perform fluid delivery timing calculations for dry pipe systems.

HAZARD / RISK ASSESSMENT - We quickly assess fire hazards and risks threatening your occupants, property and operations. Timely solutions will be developed.

HYDRAULIC CALCULATIONS - We perform all types of hydraulic calculations tree, loop and grid. Licensed Hass users.

INSPECTION AND TESTING SERVICES - Our services include inspection, performance testing and evaluation of fire suppression, smoke control, water supply and emergency egress.

LOSS PREVENTION AND RISK MANAGEMENT - We provide access for up to date property loss prevention information which is critical to insurers in today's international insurance marketplace. K&E provides risk management which allows the client to sell controls to protect the physical asset of the corporation.

MICROBIOLOGICAL INFLUENCED CORROSION (MIC) ANALYSIS - MIC can lead to blockage of pipes and rapid failure of fire protection system piping. We can monitor your fire protection system to assure system integrity.

MODELING SERVICES, COMPUTER, FIRE GROWTH, SMOKE HAZARD AND SUPPRESSION - We utilize a variety model types including fire growth, smoke and egress as well as hydraulic models to address our client need as well as assist in our fire protection system design.

NAVISWORKS - Highly trained and highly skilled designers with expertise in using this program.

NEGOTIATIONS WITH AUTHORITIES - We handle communications & negotiations with the authority having jurisdiction in order to explain and have a clear understanding between the parties on how the projects fire safety program relates to the code requirements.


PERFORMANCE BASED DESIGN - K&E develops performance based on specifications to enable multiple suppliers to bid on the project.


RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION SERVICES - Our professional team can assist our clients in all aspects of their research development and evaluation needs. This includes new product or technology studies and fire protection system evaluation.


REVIT 3-D Coordination with all trades.



SITE PLANNING - Underground & hydrant locations

SPECIAL HAZARD FIRE SUPPRESSION, DESIGN, CARBON DIOXIDE, FOAM, HALON, ETC - Our engineers and design personnel have experience with the design of many types of special hazards. Whatever your needs contact our office and make use of our knowledge and expertise.

SYSTEM DESIGN - Cost effective designs for any type fire protection system.

THIRD PARTY SERVICES - Many local jurisdictions are accepting third party services for new and retrofit projects. Owners and developers benefit from our expedited plan review, inspection and testing.

WATER, FIRE PUMP AND HYDRANT FLOW TESTING - We water flow testing for hydrants and fire pump testing.

To discuss your specific project requirements contact: sales@kefire.com

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